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Natan Morar was born in Romania. He received his PhD in Human-Computer Systems and his Bachelor degree in Engineering from the University of Birmingham, UK. Since he first learned how to write, he saw it as a very mystical and magical power. He began writing poetry while still in primary school. This love for poetry materialised later in his fondness for rap music. In high-school he discovered philosophy and, while reading for his PhD, spirituality and self-help books have made a lasting impact in his life. He loves spending his time contemplating the nature of life, purpose, divinity and sharing his findings with others.

Today he juggles between his part-time work as a software developer, writing the next book, writing and recording rap songs, preparing his next podcast and walking his hyper dog, Fig.


If you’ve ever wondered if there is something more to life, this book is for you. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you don’t know what to do or what you even believe anymore, this book is for you. If you’ve ever woken up one day and realised that you’ve been living somebody else’s life, this book is for you.

The author has wrestled with questions such as What is my purpose in life? or, Is there something more to life than the everyday grind? These very real existential questions have lead him to look for answers in the most unlikely places for a Christian-raised atheist. He turned to the Hindu Advaita philosophy, Buddhism, Zen, philosophy and even became a disciple of gurus.

This ardent search revealed to him the essential teachings that were common amongst the world’s greatest spiritual traditions. But it also highlighted a lot of the clutter, noise and misconceptions present in each of them. This book came as a result of his wish to distil the wisdom that enlightens one in the fewest and simplest words possible. It is truly a handbook for the eager.

The Shift

Being from the Earth, you are like it, abundant. The power that moves the oceans, spins the planets, shines the sun and expands the universe is the same power that beats your heart, breathes your breath, sees your sight, feels your touch.

About Me

Relentless questioner, curiosity-driven, happiness seeker, writer, poet, rapper, podcaster, programmer, jack of all trades


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